Will the software work on my PC?

NO. Our software is web based and you dont need to install anything. You just login in at boxinsta.com and use our services.

What is your Refund Policy?

We offer a 1 day trial version which is almost semi functional. Those parts who are not, will of course work in the paid version. That said, we encourage everyone to test our services before deciding to buy them. That said, we do not offer any refund for complains as: "Not as expected" or "Not working". However, we are there for you to overcome problems with settings. Just email us and we are there for you and help getting it to the stage you need it. If you are not agreeing to the above, please, simply do not buy anything from us.

What payment methods are available?

Simply click on the register button and pay. There are main methods listed on the resulting web page (Credit card, and PayPal). We do altough accept payments from every corner of this world and at any currency.

How fast do I receive my account after ordering it?

You will receive your account instantly.

What does VAT mean and what should I enter there?

VAT is a number that is required for companies in order to take invoice that they can use with their taxes.

The order form says my VAT number is not valid.

That can happen in rare situations where your VAT number is not an international one. We in United Kingdom had to request a special VAT number that could be used international. In this case simply leave the VAT blank and get your taxes back later.

Will I get an invoice?

You will get an invoice with every order. If you haven`t, we will send you one on request.

Are there any volume discounts available?

We do over time do some discounts.

I have made a purchase, what do I do next?

Simple login and use our services.

Why did my order fail?

That`s hard to tell, especially for us as a software company. We have no access to your data and can also not tell you details why your order failed. Most likely it`s a problem with your credit card or bank account. Sometimes an order gets refused because your credit card country and the IP country from where your online is not the same. Sometimes it`s also a spelling problem with the name or address you have entered. In such a case it would be better to contact the payment collector directly and ask for assistance. Anyway a failed order doesn`t happen very often and you shouldn`t worry about it until it happens(ened).

Do you allow transfer my account to another user?

No! We have tried this in the past. Our software has been abused too often in this regard. The accounts were often sold several times in multiple users and we had to terminate accounts and refund with money we didn't paid. So we cannot allow anyone to resell or transfer their accounts.

I have lost my accounts details. Can you send it?

Sure, that's no problem. Simply send us some details of your order like order id or email or something where we can verify you.

I have tried to contact you by phone/email but no reply.

We are sorry for this. But we (United Kingdom) might live in a different time zone than you. We have also office closing times where we are not available at all (e.g. on weekends or holidays). We will contact you as soon as possible. Also note that the order process is fully independent. You can always order something since no interaction from us is required.